Nikos Roussos


This is a list of projects I develop or/and contribute. For a more realtime contribution feed you can check my Gitlab and Github profiles.
monopati: a minimalistic static content generator.
vuejs-minimal-spa: a minimal single page application with vue.js.
funky-mailman: a mailman theme.
Greenpeace -

Non-Profit organization aiming to change attitudes and behaviour on protecting the environment - Web Engineer

Planet4: A new Engagement and Content Management web platform for the organization.
Athens Hackerspace -

A magical place in the physical world - Founder and active operator

LibreOps: Our part of (re-)decentralizing the net.
panopticon: website.
Fedora Project -

Free (as in speech) operating system - Member of the Developers/Packagers group

packages: pkgdb list of maintained packages.

Other groups and initiatives that I participate or just contribute.

Free Software Foundation Europe: general assembly member.
Greek Commons Alliance: a platform for all commons and p2p projects.
Cryptoparty: running workshops, mostly in athens.
Open Street Map Foundation: contributor and occassionaly running workshops.